Pinners California April 25-26, 2025
Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm
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Georgia Presenter & Classroom Information

Pinner presenters are the best of the best! They are special for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their willingness to share thier time and talents with others. We are so excited to have you as part of this top-notch group! We have put this page together as a spot you can come for answers to the most commomly asked presenter questions.

What should I teach?

Whatever the heck you want. You're the star - and it's America:) We can sure help tell you what's been most popular in the past if you'd like input.

Do I have to have a booth to teach?

At Pinners if you want to teach, you are expected to have a booth if you have a business and sell a product. This is a way to ensure there is a place the attendees can be directed to without making the class promotional.

How many does my classroom hold?

Classrooms are different sizes. Find out your classroom number and you can look it up on our online map here. Each classroom has a faint number in it that tells actual capacity. A "t" after the number means it's a table classroom. The sewing room has 20 sewing machines at tables.

Can I find out how many signed up for my class?

Most classes will be full or nearly full. Most will buy your kit if it is offered. Numbers do change quite a bit the last few weeks however. If you'd like to know your sign-up numbers please e-mail us a week or two before the show.

Why does it say at the end of my class description "Optional materials fee..."

We love that you can supply kits or other ideas in your class to make the class more fun and to give you an option at profit. It is our policy however that anyone who would like to just come and observe the class is welcome to do that. Nearly everyone will buy your kit though, of course.

What do the classrooms look like?

What kind of hook-ups are available for my computer?

Use your computer for presentations but we'll have all of the hook-up cords (Mac video adapter, USB and VGA video cables, iPad video adapters, sound cables from computer, etc.). If you've found your media device of choice has a very uncommon connector, please bring it to make sure. But we hopefully have you covered. 

What kind of microphones are available?

We have headset, lavelier and handheld microphones. Some rooms have only two mics available. Others can mic up to four.

What's supplied in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a full working kitchen and includes a stovetop, an oven, a microwave and power outlets. There is also a basic dishwashing station behind stage.

What are the ways to make a little money from my class?

1. You'll receive a promo code for admission tickets and for everyone who goes online and uses it, you get $2 profit-sharing from each ticket.
2. Sell items in your class and charge a materials fee for them. You keep all profit involved.

How do I sell supplies or materials at my class?

We encourage you to sell your own materials or other items in your class. As stated above, if there is any profit (and we hope there is:) it all goes to you. You will need to make arrangements with your own staff to collect money and hand out the kits before class starts. Some people like to do the collecting as people are working on projects. Pinners staff is not allowed to help collect money or hold collected monies for you.

Shipping help

If you need help shipping supplies we have an excellent shipping partner in InXpress. They use a number of options for different sized orders, have excellent rates and are very reliable. Please learn more about them by clicking here.

How important is it to keep my title and time unchanged?

You might be able to guess this answer, if you think about it. We need to leave the title and time pretty solid, especially the closer we get to the show. If you switch it's a pain because everyone of those individuals who have signed up for your class have to completely change their schedules and we have to e-mail everyone who's signed up for that class individually to let them know they have to do that. And we also have the previos time floating around the internet everywhere. It's called trickle-down-voodoo-economics :) ... nevermind. You're not old enough to remember that.

Recommended hotels?

You can find information about our amazing 2020 Host Hotels by following this link. (Make sure to book through the link to receive our Pinners rate! Or if calling in, make sure to mention the Pinners Room Block in order to get our rate!) 

Graphics for you to use to promote your cool self...

If you need GRAPHICS to help you promote, please click  for a higher resolution version of the image. Then drag & drop to your desktop.