Exhibitor Information - Atlanta

All this information below will help you, but please feel free to call us anytime at 801.822.1333 with questions.


Booth amenities: You can supply your own booth items, but we have an excellent supplier/decorator in Cherry Convention Services. Use password Pinners17 after you click here for their online Exhibitor Kit or you may call them at 770.242.5955 or e-mail Catherine at catherine@cherryconvention.com with questions. Your booth is simply your space with black pipe and drape (8' back wall and 3' sides) and Cherry can supply nearly everything else. Commonly ordered items include draped tables, chairs, carpet & more.


Electrical is actually ordered directly from the Cobb Galleria (along with internet). Basic electrical goes for $85 pre-ordered. They use an online ordering system you can access by clicking here. If you need further instructions click here. For more questions or if you prefer humans, contact the Cobb Galleria at services@cobbgalleria.com or 770-989-5016.


Wifi or hardlined internet is is available thru the Cobb Galleria using the same system above. Single users are approximately $90 per show (pre-ordered) or up to 4 users for $260. Faster speeds available.


Need help with creating a great space?  has great ideas and great deals. Check out the options with this top company here or contact Harley at 801-483-9465 or email him here.


We are fortunate in Georgia to not have a lot of set-up and design regulations. All booth amenities must be within the allotted space (nothing in the isles) unless pre-approved. Anything deemed unsafe in the opinion of the expo organizer (such as tipping hazards) will be required to change. We also ask that there be no solid side walls on your booth that block the view to your neighbors for the attendees that are walking down the isle. The provided drape rods will support normal banners but in general are not to be used as booth support. Helium balloons can be used, but only if they are attached securely to your booth. Please do not hand out helium balloons.


The Cobb Galleria will accept shipments that arrive within 72 hours of the show. See Cobb's shipping and receiving guidelines here, and fill out their shipping and receiving form here. This form must be submitted to the Cobb Galleria.

Learn more about Cherry Convention Services material handling policies here.


Set-up is Thursday, April 20th between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Enter at the back part of the building (southeast side, via Galleria Parkway SE) to get into the loading dock area. It is open set-up (no assigned times). Check-in at the desk near the back loading docks for information, exhibitor badges, location help, etc. Please plan on unloading and then moving you car before you finish your set-up. Drive-ins not allowed during set-up day (too full). If you have a very large set-up that does require extra time, please contact us about a possible set-up time on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Take-down is anytime after 7 p.m. (to 11 p.m.) on Saturday evening. No early take downs!


You will all be given a promo code that you can be used online for free general admission for all of your friends. This includes admission but not classes. Tickets generally $7 at the door.

We will also give each exhibiting business a class punch card good for 2 classes each day of the show. You can use or pass around this card as you wish, and these are passes for 'stand-by'. Class passes above these two classes each day will need to be purchased.


At your request you can also have a customized 10% off promo code made (just for you, such as "ikea") that any of your friends can use online for 10% off their tickets. Please e-mail us with that request.


Our host hotel will be the Sheraton Suites Galleria-Atlanta (770.955.3900) located at 2844 Cobb Parkway SE, Atlanta, Georgia. There is a walkway connecting the Sheraton and the Galleria Centre. Click here for a booking link (at $129 night).


We welcome giveaways from all exhibitors wishing to do so. This is a good opportunity for a little added promotion at the show. You may do basically any giveaway you'd like from your own booth, but if you would like us to help you promote it, the minimum value of the giveaway must be $100 and you are limited one major giveaway per day. We'll be sure to do an overhead announcement about the giveaway. If you'd like to participate, please contact Roxanne (801.361.8382) or e-mail us here.


Cobb Galleria does not allow giving away drinks or water. If you are dealing with any food items at the show, you'll need to work through the Cobb Galleria for approval. Click here for Cobb's application for Food Sampling & Handling. When approved, you may also need to check with the Health Department to find out if you need a temporary food handlers permit.


We're excited about our new Pinners Conference Atlanta and we will definitely do extensive marketing to make sure everyone hears about the fun. We will include a media-wide campaign including TV, billboards, magazines, newspaper cooperations, national DIY and craft organizations, women's group email campaigns, print promotion and of course many of the nation's most popular bloggers and electronic media.


Booth space is available by contacting Bennett Events at 801.822.1333. Booths are 10' x 10' and 8" x 10" and generally run $799. Bennett Events is a leader in connecting businesses with custom audiences and people.


2017 combined Media Kits and information sheets for all Pinners cities combined here.


To download an application/contract, click here.


Click here for the Cherry Convention Services Exhibitor Kit (password Pinners17).

Trade shows are consistently the #1 marketing return on investment among all options.


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